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About the Comic

Bent Pins is a webcomic about fake video games. It updates Mondays, Wedensdays, and Fridays, in full colour.

The comic lampoons popular games and characters by taking a look at what living in a video game world would actually be like, complete with all the weird “video game logic” that the medium is so well known for.

Bent Pins is available to read online for free, and is supported largely through the patronage of its readers. To find out more about supporting the comic, please visit the patreon page to learn about pledges and rewards.

For Your Support, a Special Thank You Goes Out To:

  • Kelsey Noble
  • Sam Bradley




This pudgy little mechanic has a propensity for jumping, particularly onto the heads of his enemies. When he touches potatoes, he transforms into a tall handsome beefcake. He’s not much one for words, like most video game protagonists around his age.

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Hilda is the resident dungeon crawler, collecting items and solving puzzles to get treasure and defeat bosses. A pike is her chosen weapon but no arsenal compares to Hilda’s personal stash.

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Maurice’s brother and business partner in Maurice and Bro Mechanic Co., Laurence is curmudgeonly and far more concerned with actually being a mechanic than his brother. Unfortunately, Laurence often gets dragged into adventures by Arty.

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Arty Choak

Arty, of the genus Choak, is just one of many Choaks, who are all very difficult to tell apart. He’s a little aloof, and usually winds up pulling Laurence into all sorts of messes.

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About the Author


Lyon Beckers has a degree in Music composition and has decided to put it to good use by drawing comics. He’s been drawing comics for as long as he can remember, and he feels weird about writing in the third person.

Lyon can be reached by email via lyonbeckers at gmail dot com, on twitter as @lyonbeckers, and on instagram as @lyonbeckers.

Lyon also draws:

PS: Bent Pins used to exist as a video game fan comic before it was relaunched in its current form. You can read through those old comics as Bent Pins Classic which is also listed on the Archive Page under the rest of the comics.