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The Thing

The Thing published on 1 Comment on The Thing

Aaaand I’m back from my little game dev sabbatical! I made a whole lot of progress on the game, but it’s time to get back to updating my oft-neglected comics.

In case you haven’t been following the game dev stuff, here’s how the progression has been going:

This is what the game was looking like around the time I took a break from comics (or maybe a bit after, I can’t remember):

And this is what it’s looking like these days:

Just a reminder that you can continue to follow game development on the tumblr blog here, and that patreon supporters get access to development builds to try out.

Taking Flight

Taking Flight published on 3 Comments on Taking Flight

Y’all! For those of you who follow me on twitter/instagram/20-paces-behind-me-in-person, you may know already that I’ve been working the past couple weeks on some video game development! For fans of that “2D sprite in a 3D environment” aesthetic a-la Wild Arms 2, Paper Mario, Harvest Moon 64, etc, it might interest you!

I’ve just started a devlog for the project over on tumblr, so you can follow it on there.