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Cool Maurice 64

Cool Maurice 64 published on 7 Comments on Cool Maurice 64

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of the first Bent Pins comic I posted on the internet! It was about animal crossing! Wow! Now it’s about Cool Maurice!

Today’s comic is…. a VIDEO GAME??? That’s right folks, you thought Bent Pins was just a bunch of made up video game characters from a bunch of fake made up games but GUESS WHAT. It’s official now! Bent Pins is now officially an honest to goodness video game (self) fan comic based on a real actual video game! Wow! e3 exclusive!

Press those little ol’ WASD keys to move Cool Maurice around on your screen! Click on that lovely little fullscreen icon to… you guessed it, go full screen! But wait, there’s more! This little game might actually work on your phone! I don’t know, I didn’t get to test it on mobile safari but it looks like chrome is A-Ok! If that’s the case, tap either the left side or the right side to go in that direction! Tap with your other thumb while holding a direction to make that sucker jump! Sorry you have to be ambidextrous to play! Sorry it doesn’t seem like the music works on mobile!

Uhhh this’ll all probably only work in firefox or chrome, I’m not sure??? That’s all I tested it on anyway! microsoft edge? Internet explorer? What??? No way! Put that stuff in the trashhhh

  • nashew

    I somehow managed to game over the first time. -_-

    • lyon

      Really enforces the existential dread of the whole exercise

  • Nick

    haha great tie-in to a previous strip. Works fine on my Blackberry Q10, including the music.

    • lyon

      Oh cool! Glad to hear it! The music wasn’t working for me on my nexus 5 and I know that some mobile browsers have conditions about how audio is played so I wasn’t sure it would work

  • OMG This is the BEST webcomic-related video game I have ever seen.
    Well, second best. Culture Shock still has the best. But still…

    • lyon

      Thanks! I’m really glad you enjoyed it! It was fun to make, it’s something I definitely wouldn’t mind doing more of for special occasions

  • TheGorram Batguy

    Very nice.