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  • Oh this page pleased me so!

  • Victor HD

    Aaaand I’m back! Speaking of consumed, I just consumed the last 40 or so episodes in the last 20 minutes and it was glorious. That fire emblem character made me laugh the most. I want moar!

  • Jerry Bizot

    wow been a slow month for the comic

    • Hey! Yeah sorry, more ARE coming, shit has just been hitting the proverbial fan lately and I’ve been a little disorganized. I need to communicate more on the actual sites for the comics because you’re not the first person to mention something. I’ve explained what’s been going on with me over in the undecayed comments so I will just copy and paste that here with the relevant bits edited to pertain to bent pins instead

      “Hey, thanks for reading. Sorry I couldn’t update undecayed more often
      recently. I’ve spent just over a year working mostly full-time to update
      two simultaneous comic series, kind of hoping that things would sort of
      work out, but unfortunately they never did. My financial situation has
      gotten increasingly dire as that went on, and I reached a point where
      the only hope of gaining more income would require further significant
      investments from myself, fronting the costs of getting books printed,
      travel costs associated with attending cons, etc, right at a point where
      my student loan payments start coming into effect. Right now I’m at a
      point where I am trying to rally up funds to get to a more financially
      stable position so that I can continue, but unfortunately that means I
      have to take the paying gigs as they come, and right now those are
      extremely time-consuming (playing concert tours with a small orchestra
      here, doing some more game dev, whatever else comes up), which means I
      haven’t been able to spend as much time drawing.

      I made a post explaining my life situation over on my patreon page and
      facebook/twitter, but it seems like the one place I forgot to leave any
      sort of announcement was on the actual website, so I apologize for that,
      I just don’t get many views coming from bent pins comic dot com itself so I
      figured everyone would know what’s going on from social media.

      If you ARE interested in the future of the comic, I suggest subscribing via RSS or
      following bent pins on twitter at and turning
      on whatever text and/or email notifications twitter has
      available so that you get a ding next time bent pins posts, because I
      can’t make any promises as to when it’s actually going to be returning
      right now. Like I’m at the “selling all of my stuff to stay afloat”
      stage so I don’t really know when or if it’s going to get any better

      Once again, thanks for reading. Sorry about the lack of communication”