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BIG NEWS!! I am taking Bent Pins in a bold new direction. I know, I know, I’ve already gone through 2 different “formats” in less than a year, but I promise you, this is something that is tried and true. If you have any questions or concerns that this comic does not address, please email me at lyonbeckers at gmail dot com.


EDIT: UHHH To the haters that have been accusing me of simply copying and pasting each panel, that is quite frankly a ridiculous accusation. As you can see, in panel 2, the picture of me is not even remotely similar, as my arm is clearly raised. Furthermore, Chacob is in panel 2, but is not seen in any further panels, as is the case with Lilly in panel 3. As for the pictures of Lyon and Whirr, sorry I can’t help it if my drawings are just that consistently accurate.
EDIT 2: WOWWWWW You guys really have nothing better to do with your time than to complain about my webcomic do you? Now I’ve got people accusing me of stealing images for the background. NOPE, SORRY GUYS that is 100% a picture of my own living room, sorry to burst your bubble.
EDIT 3: It has been brought to my attention that it looks like there is actually a shutterstock watermark on the background image. I must apologize, it seems like there was some mixup where I accidentally used an image I had saved on my hard drive off of google, mistaking it for a picture of my apartment.
EDIT 4: OOOOOKAY here we go, here comes the PC police to whine about my comic not being “diversive” or “inclusive” enough because all my character have the exact same skin tone and hair color. Wow I bet you guys are gonna feel reeeeeal stupid when I do the story arc about how Whirr’s brain was actually taken out of a black guy, so he’s technically black. I hate to spoil it, but I was tired of getting your stupid complaints. Oh and for the people whining about there being only one girl character, uhhh it’s a little literary thing called “suspension of disbelief”, look it up, no one would believe that there are TWO girls who like video games in a group of friends, duh.
EDIT 5: Wow you guys this is frustrating, I feel like I’m getting bullied. I pour my heart and soul into my art and all you people do is shit on it. Each of these comics takes me upwards of a combined 16 hours to make, between writing, drafting, drawing, and coloring. To go to all this work and just get constantly shit on… wow. Thanks to the few fans I have who keep me in this, to the haters: fuck you.