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Memory Lane

Memory Lane published on 2 Comments on Memory Lane

EDIT: Snuck it in! Here’s the full version. Fair warning, things are likely going to be shakey for the next couple of weeks! I didn’t really think of the logistics of my spring semester schedule (6 hours of class on Monday/Wednesday, 10 hours on campus between work and class on Tuesday/Thursday), so I may fall behind a little bit, bear with me! But thankfully, it’s only 2 months, and once I’m done, I’m done my degree! No more school! Also my job is a student position, so I’ll be out of a job too haaaa but at least I’ll have time to comic maybe???

Coloring today’s Undecayed messed up my dang hand BUT I managed to get today’s Bent Pins pencils down, I’ll be able to replace it with a finished version later tonight after classes.

Thanks for your patience, and thanks again for reading!