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Taking Flight

Taking Flight published on 3 Comments on Taking Flight

Y’all! For those of you who follow me on twitter/instagram/20-paces-behind-me-in-person, you may know already that I’ve been working the past couple weeks on some video game development! For fans of that “2D sprite in a 3D environment” aesthetic a-la Wild Arms 2, Paper Mario, Harvest Moon 64, etc, it might interest you!

I’ve just started a devlog for the project over on tumblr, so you can follow it on there.

  • “It’s okay, I lost 50 coins too.”

  • Honestly though, while this may seem pointless for a comic like this, I’m very glad to see Maurice comfort the guy who just pushed him to the ground. It shows that deep down inside, he’s really a good person.

    • The hero we need