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The Big Reveal

The Big Reveal published on 1 Comment on The Big Reveal

Seems as if Maurice has moved on to greener pastures

I forgot to mention this on Monday, but in case you don’t follow me on twitter or you missed it or something like that, I have set up a bent pins instagram account! Right now, comics are being posted daily until we’re all caught up with the archive

War Has Changed

War Has Changed published on 1 Comment on War Has Changed

Because every franchise has to take a turn for the gritty eventually

I’m back to the regular Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule for Bent Pins now that I’m done finals, and Undecayed is also back to its regular Monday updates!

I also actually have a buffer going once again, so if you support me on patreon, you’ll actually be able to see the entire week’s comics early! Check out the patreon page at

Which Way to the Beach

Which Way to the Beach published on

Sorry once again for the irregularity of updates these last few weeks, thanks again for your patience while I finish up this semester. I’ve also been keeping pretty busy with a little project I’ve been putting together to celebrate the anniversary of Bent Pins coming up on June 15th, which I am very excited to share with you all 👍👍👍

Memory Lane

Memory Lane published on 2 Comments on Memory Lane

EDIT: Snuck it in! Here’s the full version. Fair warning, things are likely going to be shakey for the next couple of weeks! I didn’t really think of the logistics of my spring semester schedule (6 hours of class on Monday/Wednesday, 10 hours on campus between work and class on Tuesday/Thursday), so I may fall behind a little bit, bear with me! But thankfully, it’s only 2 months, and once I’m done, I’m done my degree! No more school! Also my job is a student position, so I’ll be out of a job too haaaa but at least I’ll have time to comic maybe???

Coloring today’s Undecayed messed up my dang hand BUT I managed to get today’s Bent Pins pencils down, I’ll be able to replace it with a finished version later tonight after classes.

Thanks for your patience, and thanks again for reading!